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A Dior-inspired wedding in the charming French countryside near Paris


Venue - Paris
Planning & Design - Tout Doux Liste
Photography - Franklyn Kwakye
Florals - Capucine Atelier Floral

Gown - Dior
Ribbon - CFleurs Design
Cake - Bouchra Sugar Designer
Rentals - Location Vaisselle Vintage
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Floral elegance

Noane and Benjamin's wedding in the heart of the French countryside near Paris was a breathtaking celebration inspired by the timeless elegance of Dior. From delicate, airy foliage to fragrant garden roses, sweet peas, clematis and majestic delphiniums, every detail of their special day exuded refined and timeless charm.

The floral arrangements at Noane and Benjamin's wedding were simply enchanting. The choice of delicate and airy foliage sets the tone for a romantic and dreamy atmosphere. Fragrant garden roses, sweet peas, clematis and regal delphiniums created a luxurious floral setting that reflected a vibrant flower meadow, ranging from sky blue to royal blue and lilac.

Noane's inspiration

Noane, passionate about Haute Couture, was inspired by Dior for her wedding theme. The couple, dressed in stunning Dior creations, embodied the essence of timeless beauty and sophistication. Noane donned three stunning Dior dresses – one for the rehearsal dinner, another for the civil ceremony and the last for the outdoor ceremony in the family forest.

Outdoor ceremony in the Family Forest

The outdoor ceremony took place in the family forest, creating a magical and intimate setting. The backdrop, inspired by the hill of delphiniums during Dior fashion week in Paris, brought a touch of fantasy and romance to the celebration. The towering delphiniums provided a stunning visual feast, transporting guests to a fairytale world.

Luxurious Facilities

Noane and Benjamin spared no detail to ensure their wedding had a luxurious aesthetic. Several opulent amenities have been carefully planned on the property to enhance the overall experience. A romantic tent housed the reception dinner, surrounded by a breathtaking floral hill of blue delphiniums. The combination of exquisite landscapes and carefully selected flowers created an ambiance that was both royal and intimate.

Noane and Benjamin's wedding in the French countryside near Paris was a celebration of love and sophistication, perfectly encapsulated by the Dior-inspired theme and enchanting floral arrangements. The meticulous attention to detail, from delicate foliage to majestic delphiniums, created an ambiance that will forever be remembered by all in attendance. This refined and timeless wedding truly showcased the beauty of love against the picturesque backdrop of the French countryside.

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