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château de BERNE

Luxury Wedding Inspiration at Château de Berne


Bridal Gown - Tanzilia
Picnic Dress -  Teuta Matoshi
Stationery - Lettering by GRG
Hair - Studio Ohlala 
Makeup - Younik Beauty

Venue - Château de Berne
Planning & Design - Samantha Bottelier
Photography - Franklyn Kwakye
Florals - Capucine Atelier Floral
Videographer - Tommy Hartanto

Floral extravaganza

Dreaming of an exquisite wedding day that combines the opulence of luxury with the charm of Château de Berne? Look no further for your perfect inspiration. In this editorial guide, we explore the magic of a luxury wedding at the stunning Château de Berne, focusing on delicate and airy foliage, fragrant garden roses, delphiniums, ranunculus, sweet peas, and a vibrant color palette that embraces magenta, yellow, sky blue, and orange. Let's dive into the details of creating an editorial look for modern and contemporary couples.

Imagine a wedding where every step is adorned with the delicate beauty of carefully selected flowers and foliage. For a fine art aesthetic, opt for delicate and airy foliage that adds a touch of romance to the surroundings. Picture fragrant garden roses creating an enchanting atmosphere, with their timeless beauty and sweet scent lingering in the air. Complement the arrangement with the elegance of delphiniums, the charm of ranunculus, and the whimsy of sweet peas. These blooms, carefully curated, add depth and sophistication to your luxury wedding at Château de Berne.

Color Palette

Set the tone for a contemporary celebration with a vibrant and luminous color palette. Magenta brings a touch of regal elegance, creating a sense of grandeur throughout the venue. Yellow adds a pop of joy and positivity, while sky blue introduces a serene and calming ambiance. Incorporate orange to infuse warmth and energy into the atmosphere. The combination of these colors creates a visually stunning experience that resonates with modern couples seeking an editorial look for their wedding day.

Ambiance and Theme

To achieve the perfect editorial look, focus on creating an ambiance that reflects modern elegance. Château de Berne, with its timeless charm and picturesque surroundings, provides an ideal backdrop for a wedding that exudes sophistication. Embrace a fine art aesthetic by paying attention to every detail – from the carefully selected floral arrangements to the choice of decor and lighting. Let the vibrant colors accentuate the natural beauty of the venue, creating a visually stunning atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression.

Luxury wedding inspiration at Château de Berne is a dream brought to life for modern and contemporary couples seeking an editorial look for their special day. Delicate and airy foliage, fragrant garden roses, delphiniums, ranunculus, and sweet peas come together to create a floral extravaganza that adds elegance and sophistication. The vibrant and luminous color palette of magenta, yellow, sky blue, and orange sets the stage for a celebration that is both opulent and modern. With an editorial approach, your wedding at Château de Berne will be a masterpiece, capturing the essence of romance and luxury in every detail.

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