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Millia London EDITORIAL

A Spring Wedding at the Ritz in Paris for Endless Inspiration


Venue - Ritz Paris
Artistic Direction & Photography - Geraldine Leblanc
Florals - Capucine Atelier Floral
Gown - Millia London
Hair & Makeup - Reina Kim 

Floral elegance

As the city of love blossoms in the crisp spring air, the iconic Ritz de Paris becomes the enchanting setting for a wedding that transcends the ordinary. This celebration of love, characterized by delicate florals, an artistic aesthetic and a soft pastel palette, exudes an atmosphere of pure romance. Let's take a look at the details that made this spring wedding at the Ritz truly inspiring.

The choice of flowers and foliage played a central role in creating a dreamlike and ethereal atmosphere. Delicate, airy foliage sets the tone, creating a backdrop that resembles a botanical wonderland. Fragrant garden roses, sweet peas, lisianthus and fritillaries adorned the venue, adding layers of sophistication and fragrance to the air.

The carefully selected floral arrangements not only complemented the spring theme but also enhanced the overall ambiance of the celebration. From the ceremony space to the reception hall, every corner was adorned with the most beautiful flowers, bringing the essence of the season to life.

Fine art aesthetics

Embracing a fine art aesthetic, the wedding at The Ritz in Paris took inspiration from classical art, infusing every detail with timeless elegance. The bride, dressed in a tulle dress by Millia London, embodied grace and sophistication. Her ethereal presence as she ran across Place Vendôme, directly across from the Ritz, became a poetic expression of love in the iconic Parisian setting.

Soft pastels palette

Soft pastel colors dominated the wedding color palette, creating a visually stunning and harmonious palette. From blush pinks to soft lavenders and muted greens, these hues added a touch of serenity to the celebration. The delicate play of colors enhanced the overall aesthetic, ensuring a wedding that was not only visually pleasing, but also emotionally resonant.

This spring wedding at the Ritz in Paris is a testament to the union of love and artistic talent. The meticulous choice of flowers, fine art aesthetic and soft pastel palette blended perfectly to create an atmosphere that transcends the ordinary. Every detail has been carefully considered to inspire couples looking for a timeless and romantic celebration. If the Ritz in Paris witnessed the union of two souls, it also saw the birth of a wedding inspiration that will resonate for years to come.

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