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The floral color trends for 2023

16 décembre 2022

floral trend color pantone 2023

The floral color trend of 2023 for the floral industry platform will be Passion Red, which will deliver the color Viva Magenta along with Pantone.


Initially, the color Pantone 2023 is, as mentioned earlier, Viva Magenta. This is a powerful, stimulating color with electric undertones, voted as the flagship color of 2023 by Pantone. Described as an unconventional red for an unconventional time by the brand, Viva Magenta 18-1750 is a vibrant, energetic and fearless color that will rule our designs. Beyond that, it’s a hue that brings us back to nature, positivity, creativity, boldness and originality.

In a second phase, Viva Magenta will be accompanied by the color Passion Red which will create a real notoriety in the field of floral art, design… So let’s go out and create beautiful floral patterns with these trendy color combinations. Let’s get ready!!!

In addition, for each trend color, a color palette is chosen to make combinations and associations. And the same goes for the trend color of the year 2023 – Passion Red – a complete palette. It’s not just colors, but a color harmony with meaning.

Our floral design jobs are about passion, taking a stand and being fully aware. The combination of the trendy 2023 color palette shows vitality, calm, resilience, serenity and balance. Let’s dare these harmonies!

The meaning of the 2023 trend palette

The trendy color palette of the year 2023 has a bright peach following the passion red. A peach hue is a playful color that represents vitality and energy. Peach is followed by a warm cream shade. The cream shade is a soft but warm color and emphasizes personality and calm. Since our soil is so important to us, this earthy brown color could not be missing from the palette. The Earth is our most precious gift and our passion should ensure that we take care of this planet. Brown is the color of resilience and strength. The color lavender stands for purity, silence, devotion and serenity. And finally the color turquoise: the color of our oceans. Turquoise is the color of emotional balance.

floral trend color pantone 2023

Set of trendy colors of the year 2023

While there are always a lot of meanings, we know that red symbolizes passion. A passion red flower is a perfect way to say “I love you” when words are not enough. It carries the meaning of true love, romance and desire. In addition to passion and love, red also has a range of symbolic meanings from many different cultures, including life, health, vigor, war, courage, anger and religious fervor.

floral color trend passion red pantone
Passion Red #C61A3E

The light pastel peach hue is often used as a soft, pleasant and friendly color. Bright, intense peach colors, on the other hand, can symbolize vitality, energy, playfulness and encouragement.

bright peach color floral trend pantone 2023
Bright Peach #F47F91

Cream is a sophisticated color, it is also a warm color. This soft color speaks of calm and personality. It can easily be the base color, but it can also enhance a design.

warm creamy color floral trend pantone
Warm Creamy #F6F0CA

Brown is the color of our planet, the soil and the sand. It is a powerful color that represents strength. Brown represents either wood if it is dark and rich, or earth if it is light. Although it has an energetic and nourishing quality, brown should be used sparingly in your decorating and be well balanced with other colors to avoid a lack of ambition and vibrancy. Turquoise blue is a good color to combine with brown because of the earthy-water harmony.

earthy brown color floral trend pantone
Earthy Brown #A47E68

Lavender flowers represent purity, silence, devotion, serenity, grace and calm. Purple is the color of royalty and also speaks of elegance, refinement and luxury.

lavender color floral trend pantone
Lavender #D8BAF1

The color turquoise is a shade of blue that falls on the scale between blue and green. It has characteristics associated with both, such as the calm of blue and the growth represented in green. Turquoise also represents balance.

dusty turquoise color floral trend pantone
Dusty Turquoise #69B2B6

And you, what do you think of these color palettes? Do you find them harmonious? Do they make you want to create?

Discover all the info on our IG accounts @capucineatelierfloral and @latelierfloraldu37. Stay tuned because we are actively working on our publication project on the color wheel. It is a book that will allow you to learn how to associate different colors and thus be in the trends, exactly like what we just talked about!



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