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A timeless wedding: floral refinement at Château de Villette


Venue - Château de Villette
Planning & Design - Lauryn Prattes
Photography - Abby Jiu
Florals - Capucine Atelier Floral

Ribbon - CFleurs Design
Stationery - Truffypi
Catering - Grand Chemin Traiteur
Wedding Cake - Synie's Paris
Rentals - Atawa Event
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Floral splendor

The couple, originally from San Francisco, share a passion for travel and a deep love for the romantic city of Paris. Their engagement on the iconic Pont Alexandre III on Valentine's Day paved the way for a wedding that would be a harmonious blend of art and timeless French elegance at Château de Villette.

At the heart of Sophie and David's vision for their special day was a delicate and airy floral palette, curated to perfection by the talented team tasked with bringing their dream wedding to life. Flowers chosen included fragrant garden roses, sweet peas, clematis and delphiniums, creating an atmosphere of ethereal beauty and romance.

The Ceremony at the Fountain of Neptune

Château de Villette, with its classical gardens and historic charm, provided a stunning setting for the couple's exchange of vows. A magnificent ceremonial arch, adorned with an abundance of flowers, was installed in front of the Neptune Fountain, creating a picturesque setting for the couple's union. Delicate foliage and fragrant flowers framed the couple as they embarked on their journey to marital bliss.

Theme and color scheme

Sophie and David, with a keen eye for detail, enlisted the expertise of Lauryn Prattes Events of Washington to plan and design their wedding day. The chosen theme echoed the couple's love of fine arts and French aesthetics, resulting in a celebration that seamlessly blended sophistication and a touch of whimsy.

The color palette, a subtle blend of sky blue, lilac and café au lait, added a layer of elegance to every aspect of the wedding. From the bridesmaids' dresses to the table decor, the colors chosen created a cohesive and visually stunning ambiance that resonated with the couple's refined taste.

Tablescapes: A Floral Garden of Blue and Lilac

Sophie's vision of having tables adorned with a blooming garden of blue and lilac flowers delicately moving in the wind was brought to life with impeccable precision. Each table featured a lush floral arrangement, creating an enchanting atmosphere reminiscent of a formal garden in full bloom. The attention to detail extends to every petal, ensuring that each element of decor contributes to the overall elegance of the celebration.

Sophie and David's wedding at Château de Villette was a celebration of love, art and timeless beauty. From the fragrant flowers to the carefully selected color palette, every detail reflected the couple's unique journey and shared passions. As the sun sets over the castle's classic gardens, Sophie and David begin the next chapter of their lives, surrounded by the enchanting memories of a truly magical day.

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