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A perfect Persian wedding on the Yachts of Paris

23 février 2024

Mona and Bijan’s love story took an enchanting turn when they decided to exchange vows in the romantic city of Paris, aboard the exquisite Yachts de Paris. This intimate elopement, filled with delicate blooms and a fine art aesthetic, created an atmosphere that perfectly encapsulated the essence of their love. In this article, we dive into the enchanting details of their Persian wedding, exploring the floral choices, color palette, and the overall ambiance that made their celebration truly unique.

Floral elegance

The choice of flowers played a pivotal role in crafting the ethereal atmosphere of Mona and Bijan’s wedding.
Delicate and airy foliage set the stage, creating a whimsical backdrop for their vows. Fragrant garden roses, sweet peas, and lisianthus adorned the venue, adding a touch of romance to every corner. The careful selection of these flowers not only complemented the couple’s Persian heritage but also enhanced the overall visual appeal of the celebration.

Color Palette

Mona and Bijan opted for a fine art aesthetic with a soft pastel color palette. The choice of muted tones brought an understated elegance to the Yachts de Paris, with hues of blush, ivory, and subtle greens dominating the scene.
This sophisticated color scheme not only reflected the couple’s refined taste but also seamlessly blended with the Parisian surroundings, creating a visually stunning backdrop for their celebration.

Yachts de Paris Setting

Choosing the Yachts de Paris as the venue added a touch of luxury and exclusivity to Mona and Bijan’s wedding.
The gently gliding waters of the Seine River provided a picturesque backdrop as the couple exchanged their vows against the iconic Parisian skyline. The intimate setting of the yacht allowed for a small group elopement, fostering an atmosphere of closeness and shared joy among the attendees.

Fine Art aesthetic

Mona and Bijan’s wedding was a true celebration of fine art, where every detail was thoughtfully curated to create a timeless and visually stunning experience. From the carefully chosen florals to the soft pastel color palette, every element contributed to the overall fine art aesthetic that defined their special day. The Yachts de Paris served as the perfect canvas for this romantic masterpiece, capturing the essence of love and commitment in a truly enchanting manner.

Mona and Bijan’s Persian wedding on the Yachts de Paris was a testament to the power of thoughtful details and a carefully curated atmosphere. The delicate and airy foliage, fragrant blooms, soft pastel colors, and the fine art aesthetic blended seamlessly to create a celebration that will be cherished for a lifetime. As the couple sailed into the sunset, surrounded by the beauty of Paris, their love story became a captivating chapter in the city of love.


Planning : Opaline Events

Photography : Celine Chan

Flowers : Capucine Atellier Floral

MUHA : Alesia Solo

Boat : Yachts de Paris

Cake : Wedding Cakes & Co

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