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The Allure of Peach Fuzz : the new Pantone 2024 Unveiled

15 décembre 2023

Asymetric arch full colored

As you may have noticed all over your Instagram feed, Pantone has just announced the color of the year for 2024: Peach Fuzz. This soft, gentle, cozy, and heartfelt tone evokes feelings of tenderness, care, kindness, and a state of pure calm.

In the upcoming year, we can anticipate this color leaving its imprint across various domains, spanning from fashion and graphic arts to interior design and cosmetics, extending into the flower community. And that’s precisely where we step into the scene!

Peach Fuzz & Floral Design

In the world of flowers, the Peach Fuzz shade graces numerous shapes and varieties, including roses, tulips, dahlias, Icelandic poppies, foxgloves, and more. Its prevalence across these floral varieties not only makes it effortlessly adaptable, but also imparts a timeless classic to work with.

Moodboard présentant la couleur Peach Fuzz de Pantone ainsi que des photos de différentes variétés de fleurs qui arborent cette teinte.

Florists make use of this shade, adopting its visual and emotional traits—such as light, softness, and sweetness—and seamlessly weaving them into their floral arrangements.

Peach Fuzz & Capucine Atelier Floral

Our distinctive style embodies a fine art organic aesthetic, yielding designs that are both light and elegant. We curate a color palette featuring gentle pastel tones, predominantly residing on the cooler spectrum of the chromatic scale. However, we also welcome touches of warmth into our compositions from time to time.

Centre de table avec la couleur pêche
Zoom sur un gerbera couleur pêche
Petit centre de table avec des fleurs dans les tonalités pêche, orange, rose et blanc

What to pair Peach Fuzz with

At Capucine Atelier Floral, our preference lies in working with the quasi-complementary colors of the tone. What does this mean? Instead of directly opting for the color opposite on the chromatic circle (the complementary color), we opt for one of the two adjacent complementary colors. This approach is why we refer to it as quasi-complementary. Taking a look at the chromatic circle, one of the quasi-complementary colors is blue—coincidentally chosen as the Thursd Floral Trend Color of the Year: Sky Blue.

Cercle chromatique indiquant les couleurs peach fuzz et sky bleu

Therefore, by combining these two tones, we not only adhere to the principles of chromatic blending, but we also align with the upcoming color trends for 2024.

This pairing excels in achieving a harmonious balance between warmth and cool tones, all the while maintaining an overall light and soft aesthetic. It’s precisely this capability that makes us fond of incorporating this pairing into many of our designs!

Composition avec des fleurs couleur pêche et bleu
Arche de fleurs avec des fleurs de plusieurs tonalités, entre elles : pêche et bleu

Arche de fleurs avec des fleurs de plusieurs tonalités, entre elles : pêche et bleu
Composition avec de fleurs couleur pêche et bleu

“Sensitive but sweet and airy, PANTONE 13-1023 Peach Fuzz evokes a new modernity…. We can find peace from within, impacting our wellbeing.”



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